The Technology

Inable is the world's first fully digitally integrated home entertainment and communications appliance. It combines sophisticated features with a simple interface to merge, manage and protect a virtually limitless array of entertainment and communications sources. From watching live, on-demand or recorded television programming to video conferencing or enjoying music, Inable makes the experience fully portable. Enabled by true "follow-me" technology, content can be instantly transferred anywhere in the home with a click of a button or an intuitive voice command. Important preferences such as parental control and web filtering software follow the content no matter where it is consumed to provide a new level of control and security.

Inable's backend is powered by an advanced compression technology that packs more data into lower data rate network streams than previously possible. Our digital compression algorithm leverages technology developed by KravTek to increase the amount of data per packet by a factor of ten.

This allows for higher quality transmission of media over lower bandwidth circuits than the industry currently provides, which means Inable delivers an unrivaled quality of experience. The technology also allows for full integration of our advanced digital rights management (DRM) system. KravTek Media developed the Inable set-top box with the goal of providing content owners highly secure DRM protection without interfering with the quality of experience at the end-user level. Simply put, Inable delivers portable digital content anywhere in the home with no possibility of unauthorized access.